Finding the Best Foot Surgeon in Los Angeles

Finding the Best Foot Surgeon in Los Angeles

It’s really about feeling comfortable.

Surgery no matter the type is not fun. Just the sound of it, strikes fear into people due to the nature of the term. After all, it’s not a concept that we want to believe that needs to happen to us. The idea of potentially going “under the knife”, is not something we want to think of. However if we do, we want the best surgeon possible, and we want to feel comfortable and know that we are in good hands.


Your Podiatrist and Foot Surgeon in the Los Angeles, California Area.

With that in mind, Dr. Kourosh Harounian is one of the best foot surgeons in Los Angeles. What makes him the best is a combination of a sincere and caring foot doctor that looks to avoid outpatient surgery if need be.


Finding the best foot surgeon in Los Angeles may not be easy. Though Dr. Kourosh can tell you if it’s even necessary.

Another note that makes him a choice foot surgeon in the Los Angeles area is his impeccable attention to all the details regarding the potential foot surgery, and the proper recovery process that  will help you regain a better and more confident quality of life in the long run.

Your feet carry you through your entire life, and it’s more important than ever to address these issues if you start to have heel pain, ankle pain, bunion pain, or your feet are just purely uncomfortable when wearing an ordinary pair of sneakers. Don’t wait any longer  to get a diagnosis and proper treatment to bring them back to their happy and healthy state they once were. Because without your feet, your everyday activities will become a burden as opposed to an everyday happenstance of life.

Dr. Kourosh as a board certified foot surgeon in the Los Angeles area, can give you an accurate diagnosis, and offer additional solutions to the foot issues you may be having as opposed to “just suggesting surgery” as some other doctors may often do.

Surgery is an option, however should be used as a last resort. As there are many therapeutic solutions that can be tried first, dependent on the individual case of the patient. Solutions from custom made orthotics, to special orthotic shoes, diabetic socks and diabetic foot ulcer treatments and medication, and special foot exercises. Therefore, Dr, Kourosh truly tries to treat each and every patient first without surgery to prevent any unnecessary pain, expense, and time away from work.

Though, if foot surgery is needed, you can consult with Dr Kourosh to discuss all your options on the type of surgeries available to your specific type of situation, as no two patients have the same needs.

If you are in pain now, and think you may need foot surgery or were told by “another foot surgeon that you need surgery”, then we would be happy to offer a second opinion to ease your mind, and get you back on your feet on your terms.

Take a moment now, and make an appointment with Dr. Kourosh the Los Angeles foot surgeon here.

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Dr. Kourosh

As a highly experienced and trained foot doctor based out of Los Angeles who is actively involved in research I try to utilize the most recent information and technology in clinical application to all of my podiatry patients for all ages.
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