What Kind of Doctor For a Sprained Ankle?

So you magically stepped outside one morning while getting out of bed, but that spring in your step pushed off the wrong way. Instead of being able to walk your way to get a cup of morning coffee, you realize you can hardly put weight down on your foot. In fact, you actually think you…

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Finding the Best Foot Surgeon in Los Angeles

It’s really about feeling comfortable. Surgery no matter the type is not fun. Just the sound of it, strikes fear into people due to the nature of the term. After all, it’s not a concept that we want to believe that needs to happen to us. The idea of potentially going “under the knife”, is…

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Foot Doctor Office Open on Saturday

We live extremely busy lives. Here at Los Angeles Podiatrist, we realize they days of “relaxed weekends” are long gone. Just as you are on your feet Monday through Friday (and many of those on Saturday and Sunday) , the time necessary to take care of your feet may also need to be done on…

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Treating your Feet Right For 2015

It’s a New Year, and everyone wants to start with a clean slate. With that in mind, we find ourselves amidst a new string of busy everyday life. And at the end of our day, we lay our heads down to sleep-in with a pillow under our heads and a blanket over our bodies. However…

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