So you are someone that has progressive pain when walking long distances.

In fact, you might even have been diagnosed by your foot doctor as being “flat footed” or having a progressive foot arch loss and even developing what we in the podiatry field know as “hammertoe”.


Being “Flat Foot” can create many foot problems that lead to leg pain, arch and hammer toe creation.

In any event, many of the times the above foot conditions are connected. Mainly because the less arch you have, the more weight pressure from your body weight is absorbed into the heel, lower legs, and even forcing the toes to “curl in a hammer” like position.

So what does one do help with a “flat foot” situation in Los Angeles or anywhere for that matter?

Well, simple actually.

The first preventive solution to continuing pain or hammertoe progression is getting Orthotic Inserts. Now orthotic inserts are just any shoe inserts that you can purchase at your local drug store. These are actually custom created and molded to your foot.

That’s right. Made specifically for the size, measurement and design of your actual foot.


The foot doctor can get the right orthotic insole for you shoes or sneakers to help with arch, foot and leg pain.

So what happens once these orthotic inserts are made? How are orthotics used?

Again, orthotic insoles are created for you!

So that means that when they are completed, you can use the inserts for any shoe or sneaker insole. It also comes with extra length and if you need to, you can actual trim the orthotic insert to fit your favorite pair of sneaker or shoe. It’s really awesome that this supportive device can be tailored to not only your foot but also your footwear.

So what does the orthotic insole actually do for your foot?


The Orthotic Insole will actually give you a fake arch. This custom arch will alleviate pain when walking long distances and even prevent further foot damage.

Once you get used to the orthotic (it will feel like a tennis ball under your foot), your day to day walking, running, and ordinary extended physical activities will not pain you as much. This orthotic will act as a “fake arch” and will take away alot of the shock absorption that people with “flat feet” usually carry in their arches, heel, and even bridge of their foot.

Now the custom orthotic insole is not a cure-all, however it can definitely help prevent further damage to your foot, and even sustain you from needing any type of surgery.

So if, your in the Los Angeles area and you have heard of, or are thinking about custom orthotic insoles for your shoes whether you are a man, woman or even a child, then make an appointment with the best foot doctor in Los Angeles here.