Plantar Fasciitis Prolotherapy

Plantar Fasciitis Prolotherapy

The “itis’ in plantar fasciitis is referring to the inflammation that occurs in patients. However, for many patients who are suffering from plantar fasciitis, they also have a degenerated plantar fascia due to aging or stress. So plantar fasciitis can exhibit a wide range of symptoms from dull or sharp heel pain, noticeable stiffness in the heel, or it can cause aching and burning on the bottoms of your feet depending on the patient’s age and lifestyle. Since plantar fasciitis is a general inflammation of the plantar fascia ligament, this common foot condition can therefore manifest as many different pains, and should be treated promptly so it does not worsen over time.

Prolotherapy for Plantar Fasciitis

Prolotherapy is an injection treatment where a natural irritant is injected under the skin into the plantar fascia. Similar to platelet-rich plasma injections, prolotherapy is done in order to intentionally irritate and stimulate the body’s natural healing process and improve the regenerative ability of your system. Prolotherapy has been found to be effective in the treatment of common foot pains, and tendon injuries like plantar fasciitis. Prolotherapy is considered a nonsurgical treatment, instead, it’s referred to as a regenerative join injection for tendon regrowth.

Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet-rich plasma is a treatment where plasma is drawn from the patient’s blood. This is a process done by withdrawing blood from the patient, separating the plasma with a centrifuge to create a concentrated platelet-rich mixture, and then injecting the platelet-rich plasma back into the patient. Prolotherapy uses a mild irritant to begin the healing process, rather than the patient’s own platelets. Both procedures can be costly, however, because they’re not always covered by a patient’s insurance.

Natural Treatments

Besides injection based treatments, podiatrists will also recommend lifestyle changes such as weight loss if the patient is overweight. There are also exercises and stretches designed specifically for healing plantar fasciitis pain that involves relieving stress on the patient’s plantar fascia. Daily stretching of the heel and bottom of the foot, combined with prolotherapy treatments can help to alleviate any plantar fasciitis pain over time.

Injections for plantar fasciitis, like prolotherapy and platelet-rich plasma injections are both effective options for treating this common foot ailment. When injections are used in conjunction with natural remedies, like stretching and orthotics, the inflammation of the plantar fascia will inevitably ease up on its own.

Many patients find that simply switching to more supportive shoe wear is extremely helpful during the rehabilitation process. Plantar fasciitis is oftentimes called the flip flop disease because chronic sandal wearers often experience inflammation due to the lack of support in their footwear.

It can also be the case that patients are just not stretching enough before and after exercising, if this is the case, then the podiatrist will encourage the patient to perform calf stretching exercises so that the calf muscle is properly absorbing shock from physical activity.

Lastly, it’s vital to ice the plantar fascia at the first signs of trauma, and also during the healing process in order to stop the inflammation. By following all of these basic instructions, and maintaining a healthy weight, living a healthy lifestyle, and changing up your usual routine, patients can see a full recovery from plantar fasciitis within a few weeks treatment in many cases.

Benefits and Side Effects

Plantar fasciitis prolotherapy is one of those cases where the benefits surely outweigh the side effects. Typically the only side effects of prolotherapy injections for plantar fasciitis are mild irritation, swelling, or soreness around the injection site. However, this is a risk patient’s run with any type of injection and is not exclusive to prolotherapy. The likelihood of any side effects at all from this procedure is highly unlikely, but the chance is always there.

The benefits of plantar fasciitis prolotherapy are enormous when you consider the amount of freedom that mobility provides you in your life. If left untreated, the pain from plantar fasciitis can become so great that some patients are unable to work any longer or do anything they used to enjoy.

By seeking plantar fasciitis prolotherapy injections combined with orthotics, stretching, weight-loss, and other lifestyle changes, then patients will soon experience a completely healthy plantar fascia once again. It’s important that these changes are adhered to, or the plantar fasciitis is likely to return again due to re-stressing the plantar fascia once more. Until the tendon is fully healed, it’s best to restrict heavy exercise for at least a few weeks at minimum.

Plantar Fasciitis Prolotherapy Appointment in Los Angeles

We’ve discussed how prolotherapy injections cause a mild inflammation that stimulates healing of the tissue around the inflamed plantar fascia. The mixture used typically contains an array of substances designed to deal with pain and also produce inflammation for healing. This mixture typically contains a combination of dextrose, procaine, sarapin, and saline.

If you’re seeking prolotherapy treatment for plantar fasciitis in Los Angeles, then Dr. Koroush Harourian can determine the best treatment option for your specific case. Living with plantar fasciitis is an oftentimes unbearable pain, that some patients are unable to remedy on their own accord. If plantar fasciitis is starting to inhibit your active lifestyle, or causing you to miss work, then it’s ample time to begin receiving plantar fasciitis prolotherapy today. When left untreated, plantar fasciitis can become more and more painful over time, even leading to debilitating stiffness in the heel so it’s best to treat plantar fasciitis as soon as it’s causing trouble in your routine.

If you need plantar fasciitis prolotherapy in Los Angeles to heal your plantar fasciitis pains, then we can help. After the simple injection, and plenty of rest, the pain from inflammation should begin to subside on its own. Shortly after that, you’ll be able to become active once again and return to work. However, it’s important to rest, and do daily stretches during the recovery process in order to heal the plantar fascia completely before applying more stress to it. Take a moment today to schedule a plantar fasciitis prolotherapy appointment in Los Angeles, and cure this common foot condition now.

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