If you are wondering what that growth on your foot is that was not previously there before, you may just be looking at a wart.

There are all types of warts actually, however one that is very specific to the foot region is the “plantar wart” also scientifically known as “verruca plantaris”.


The Los Angeles Podiatrist Office can treat and remove your Plantar Wart.

The plantar wart can actually occur anywhere on the foot, however it is very common on the bottom of the foot.

In particular the Plantar warts are noncancerous skin growths that are usually caused by a viral HPV infection in the top layer of the epidermis (skin). Though this ‘version of HPV” strain is not the same that would cause genital warts.

A plantar wart can initially develop without paid, but can harden and increase in both size and severity and therefore can cause pain when walking or standing in place for extended periods of time. Also, depending on your immune system, plantar warts can continue to spread.

So how do you remove plantar warts?

There are many remedies to remove plantar warts in our Los Angeles foot clinic, that Dr Kourosh can go over with you dependent upon the severity of your wart(s) and your medical history.

Some of our removal processes may be the following:

Plantar Wart Removal Using Laser Cauterization

Freezing of the Plantar Wart (s)

Podophyllin for the Wart Removal

Topical Creams That Would Be Progressive Removal of the Plantar Wart

Surgical Removal In the Rare Case That the Plantar Wart Was Cancerous

There really is no definite way to detail how your personal plantar wart would be removed without the foot doctor taking a look at your foot in person.

For more treatments or a diagnosis of your Plantars Wart, make an appointment now with the Los Angeles Foot Doctor.