Toenail Fungus Treament

    As a leader in toenail fungus treatments. Dr. Kourosh Harnounian specializes in toenail laser treatment to provide increased and substantial results in getting rid of toenail fungus in any patient.

    Toenail Fungus Treatment

    Toenail Fungus. What Exactly is it?

    A toenail fungus infection is also known as Onychomycosis and can affect both the  toenails and  finger nails. If your toenails appear yellow and thickened, or brittle and crumbly, along with darkened underlying debris this can be a definite sign of toenail foot fungus that only the foot doctor can diagnose.

    If you are wondering where you can go for laser foot fungus treatment in Los Angeles? Then, look no further as out LA foot doctor is certified in the use of the Pinpointe foot laser for removing all types of toenail fungus infections.

    Much of the time the laser therapy for toenail fungus removal is much better of a solution as opposed to oral medication and creams.

    Here is a video demonstrating exactly how Dr. Kourosh treats and progressively removes toenail fungus using laser treatments.

    Removing Toenail Fungus on Your Feet Using Laser

    To see if laser therapy for your nail issues is right for you, make an appointment with the foot doctor now.

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    Dr. Kourosh

    As a highly experienced and trained foot doctor based out of Los Angeles who is actively involved in research I try to utilize the most recent information and technology in clinical application to all of my podiatry patients for all ages.
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