What Kind of Doctor For a Sprained Ankle?

What Kind of Doctor For a Sprained Ankle?

So you magically stepped outside one morning while getting out of bed, but that spring in your step pushed off the wrong way.

Instead of being able to walk your way to get a cup of morning coffee, you realize you can hardly put weight down on your foot.

In fact, you actually think you may have a sprained ankle?


What Type of Doctor Do You Really See for a Sprained Ankle?

But What Kind of Doctor Do You See for a Sprained Ankle?

As crazy as it sounds, you actually need to go see a doctor about this. A sprained ankle is no “little issue”, as it can complicate other parts of your body where standing and even walking will feel almost impossible to do.

So if you aren’t a pediatric or kid under 18, then going to your school nurse is out of the question, and  you will need to see a podiatrist

As not properly tending to an injury as “simple” as a sprained ankle, can cause more problems if not properly diagnosed, and cared for properly after the initial accident.

Believe or not, there are degrees and levels to a sprained ankle.


How Severe is Your Sprained Ankle

And depending on the severity, continuing to do daily activities as simple as walking can put you in a place to do more permanent damage if the sprain is correctly diagnosed.

So if you think that you have, “slight twisted”, “went down on your foot the wrong way”, or somehow out of nowhere the mid to lower back of your foot and leg have swollen overnight, you actually may be looking at a severe sprained ankle. (or worse).

Therefore, it’s always a smart move to get a real diagnosis from a Podiatrist to correctly diagnose that what you have is truly a sprain, and nothing else.

If you are in, or located in the Los Angeles area, and feel you may have a sprained ankle, then feel free to come see the best podiatrist in Los Angeles, Dr, Kourosh.

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